Giant Painters, Ltd.

Interior Painting

The most cost effective way to change the feel and look of your interior space, is with a fresh coat of paint. Choosing the right color can enhance and update the appearance of any home. Scott from Giant Painters will be happy to assist with color choices. Furthermore, Giant Painters understands that choosing the perfect color can be frustrating. To make it easier, we will provide free color samples and a free demo application of the chosen color.

A popular method of updating the look of your home is to paint the wood trim with a near white color. Add to this a modern paint color on the walls and what looked before like a small, dark space will now feel open and bright.

Older or historic homes have stunning woodwork and many home owners want to keep the character of the home by preserving what is already there. Giant Painters specializes in restoring old wood trim and bringing it back to its original beauty.

A quality interior paint job goes beyond color application. Majority of homes have some sort of wall damage, whether it be cracking, peeling, or holes. Giant Painters take their time to ensure that the holes and cracks are repaired correctly. For example, a crack can easily be filled in and a short time later the crack appears again in the same place. This is a common problem that many homeowners face, and not much can be done to prevent it. This is because the cracks in the walls are caused by the shifting of the house. Giant Painters' method of repairs of cracks prevents their reappearance for as long as possible.

Procedures for Interior Painting.

  1. Relocate client furnishings to another area of the house or room.
  2. Protect the floors with drop cloths and cover all furnishings with plastic and secure with tape.
  3. Repair all wall damage such as cracks, holes, water damage, and peeling paint.
  4. Sand repaired areas and previously painted surfaces, prime where needed.
  5. Apply two coats of premium quality paint.
  6. Clean and vacuum area, replace furnishings.

Giant Painters' attention to detail is second to none, we guarantee perfect lines around trim, ceilings and corners. We are also careful with protecting homeowner belongings and making sure to clean the project area at the end of each day. Our main goals are to leave your space looking beautiful, fresh, and clean.

"We hired Scott and his crew to paint the inside of our house to get it prepared for sale. Not only did they do a great job for a great price, we were impressed with the ease of scheduling around our needs and the care they took to do the job correctly. Even after the job was done, Scott checked back with us the following week to make sure we were satisfied with everything. We will certainly call Giant Painters for our next painting project."

Perry and Rosie - Gurne, IL