Giant Painters, Ltd.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

If your cabinets are good quality solid wood but are starting to look a bit outdated, there is a solution that will give you a fresh new look without breaking the bank. Many homeowners are opting for refinishing their existing kitchen cabinets instead of purchasing expensive new ones. As an added bonus, chances are, your older solid wood cabinets are better quality than most of the products on the market today.

The most important part of cabinet painting is the preparation. If you don't prepare them right you will experience paint peeling or chipping.

Refinishing kitchen cabinets can be challenging work lasting from 3 to 7 days, here is a glimpse of how Giant Painters professionals tackle the project.

  1. Preperation- the kitchen floor is covered with rosin paper. The appliances and counter tops are protected with plastic and secured with tape. The floors are protected with rosin paper and all customer possessions are covered with plastic. Interiors of all cabinet bases are covered with tape and paper and the kitchen area is separted with plastic walls to avoid the dust and fumes going out. Note: if you want your cabinets to look more custom and finished we can add some woodworking (e.g. crown molding on top of your cabinet bases, see example here).
  2. Next the cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware are labeled and unscrewed. For example a cabinets base, door, and hardware should all be labeled with the same number. Cabinet boxes remain screwed to the wall.
  3. The cabinet bases, doors and drawers are washed with water and grease remover solution. Than all surfaces of the cabinet parts are sanded. Next, one coat of special adhesion primer is applied.
  4. Giant Painters uses a special HVLP spray system to apply the primer/paint to the doors and drawers. This methods produces a smooth and professional finish.
  5. The cabinet bases are also sprayed with the primer.
  6. All primed surfaces are examined against any holes/cracks. Next, they are sanded once again. This ensures a smoother finish and better paint adhesion.
  7. Next, two coats of High Performance Polyurethane with hardener for best chemical resistance of chosen color are spray painted onto the cabinet doors, drawers and bases. Note. High Performance Polyurethane has an ultra-smooth factory - like finish with a long lasting beauty and a hard durable finish.
  8. Allow cabinets 1 to 2 days to dry.
  9. Finally, the doors, drawers and hardware are attached. If previously the doors did not have any handles, we can install them upon your request or replace old ones. If you have exterior hinges on your cabinets there is an option to replace and hide them inside.

The kitchen areas are cleaned by Giant Painters. Now, you can enjoy your new kitchen.

"I recently hired Scott to paint my kitchen cabinets which were in much need of a face-lift. He helped me decide on color and how to coordinate them with the existing colors of the room. I cannot tell you how pleased I was with the professional, neat and reliable manner in which he and his crewmate performed the job.The cabinets look at though they were made, not painted, saving me quite alot of money not having to replace them. As a result, he has painted the exterior of my home and some interior areas. I have no reservations in recommending him to anyone and when in need, I will hire him again."

Denise - Mount Prospect, IL