Giant Painters, Ltd.

Exterior Painting

The best way to protect the exterior of your home from the seasonal elements is with a regular quality paint job. Good quality paint and or stain, if applied correctly, will prevent water and moisture from penetrating the wood, which would eventually cause rotting. However, simply applying a coat of paint or stain without following the proper procedures will not provide lasting protection from water and moisture.

The most crucial step of any exterior painting project is the preparation of the surfaces to be painted. If the area to be painted is not prepared properly, your new paint job won't last more than a couple of years before it starts to peel. The painters must follow proper preparation procedures and know what kind of paint and primer to use on your home specifically. For example, you should never use water based paint on surfaces that were previously painted with oil based paint without using a primer first.

  1. Power wash the surface to be painted to remove dust, dirt and mold.
  2. Cover surrounding ground and outdoor fixtures with plastic and drop cloths
  3. Replace rotten wood if needed.
  4.  Scrape and sand all peeling paint, and fill in any cracks with caulk (if needed).
  5. Prime all scarped and sanded areas. Giant Painters uses specially designed primer, which lasts two or three times longer when compared to the standard primer.
  6. Apply two coats of premium paint to all surfaces.
  7. Clean-up work area at the end of each work day.

The Giant Painters crew members meticulously execute each of these steps to ensure that your home looks freshly painted long after we leave.

"We have hired the Giant Painters, Scott Bieganski and his crew, three different times. He painted our entire condo, then our new townhome, and recently our master bath. His work is the very best. We had him use vibrant colors that were done beautifully. Every wall was crisp and no stray paint marks. Besides doing detailed painting, he leaves no drops of paint behind. My husband and I highly recommend Scott and his fellow painters."

Maureen - Western Springs, IL